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Research Platform Services Team

Associate Director

  • Dr Stephen Giugni


  • Dr Neil Killeen
  • Dr Andy Tseng (Head of Research Data Services)
    • Rick Truong
  • Bernard F. Meade (Head of Research Compute Services)
    • Lev Layfayette (HPC Support and Training Officer)
    • David Perry
  • Terry Brennan (Senior Project Manager)
    • Alan Lo (Project Manager)
    • Greg Sauter (Project Manager)
    • Sara Ogston (VicNode Project Manager)
      • Jared Winton (VicNode Collections Manager)
      • Stephen Dart (VicNode Research Data Specialist)
      • Wilson Liu (BioImaging/DaRIS Lead)
    • Linh Vu (DevOps Team Lead)
      • Dylan Mcculloch (DevOps Engineer)
      • Jake Yip (DevOps Engineer)
      • Justin Mammarella (DevOps Engineer)
      • Daniel Tosello (DevOps Engineer)
  • Sam Morrison (Lead Cloud Architect)
  • David F. Flanders (Research Community Manager)
    • Tim Dettrick (Research Community Coordinators)
    • Katie Ewing (Research Community Coordinators)
    • Damien Irving (Research Community Coordinators)
    • Dr Grischa Meyer (Research Community Coordinators)
    • Dejan Jotanovic (Social Media Officer)

Available Resources

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